Be in Demand of Your Life
Empower Your Own Personal Vision
Believe in the Endless Possibilities
Be in the Driver's Seat of Your Own Journey
Dare to Take Risks
Take Control of Your Own Destiny
Follow Your Own Path

Welcome to BNDmand (Be-In-Demand), which quite simply is the ‘slogan’ for being the best you can be in your life, work and relationships. BNDmand is on a mission to share valuable creative industry insider information, expert advice, and inspiration on living at your creative potential with valuable tips, time-saving lifehacks, on- and offline resources and the latest technologies that can help you create and live the life you were meant to.

With authenticity, integrity and reciprocity.

It takes courage and vision to take those next steps. Most creative people find it very challenging to see the bigger picture when it comes to leveraging their projects into the public/marketplace with a clear strategy, and most importantly stamina and follow-through to make it happen. Most never work in the online marketing and entrepreneurial space. They don’t realize how much money and creative productivity they leave on the table simply because they don’t understand the online marketing and business lingo or technology necessary for success and how to best make it work for them.

BNDmand will brings its 20+ years of expertise, knowledge,  education and industry experience to add value to your vision. Providing you with solid business sense (in a creative and engaging way) and professional guidance in the areas of marketing, social media, creative engagement and asset leveraging; turning one product into many.  And finally, work/life balance can be achieved by your input (work, labor, process) and output (marketing, promotion, activity) by utilizing fewer resources and implementing effective time-management and money-saving strategies.

Lets Get Started!

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