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I never understood why it is socially acceptable to study hard at a university only to graduate and get stuck in a cubicle job building somebody else’s dream.

And I should know.

I was passionless about my 9-5 jobs, only living for the weekends, trying to build my creative film and acting career on the side, while barely scraping by.  Forget vacations. I was just trying to keep a roof over my head.

When the thought of being one paycheck away from being homeless (and I was once) became unbearable, I decided to make a radical change.

Sadly, what I found in the one common denominator that tied both of my career choices together (researcher and artist); was that in both cases, I was still broke. broke. broke ass. broke. No joke.

My day jobs provided (some) stability and paid the bills during a period of time. But it sucked my soul dry. It was not a long-term, sustainable solution.

When I launched full-on into my creative projects, which had its own demands on my time, my life took on its own inspirational flight, but then I lost my balance and fell back to reality shortly again after it finished. Then trying to figure out the next step.

Do this over and over again...there's no stability, security or momentum. Pretty soon, your inspiration and creativity is zapped because you're just trying to survive in between.

There was no sustainability. No long term reliability. How could I do what I loved, while still paying my bills?

Through my experiences, trial and error, loads of research and practical application - I now know there is a better way.

Want to know the secret?


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Stop the "struggling artist" syndrome.

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