The Keys to Creative Bliss

...Don't Quit Your Day Job (Yet...)

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Everyone, I believe, has some amount of creativity inside them. Some are more (blessed) developed than others.

Creativity can and does come in many forms.

And remember, it's okay to be low tech. You don't have to know all the latest and greatest digital tools. It's very cool to come across handmade, bespoke and authentic.

And although art is subjective, we all know raw talent when we see it, right?

So if it is subjective, then that means there's no 'right' or 'wrong' way to be creative.



share your soul


So what if you have burning inside you a deep-seeded desire to become more creative? Perhaps you're not being challenged in your daily life (work, life, home).

Perhaps you've always wanted to pursue an art or craft of some sort but have never gone there. Whether that was through your own personal fears, or your environment (family, friends, lifestyle, economics). 


never settle

What is stopping you?

What if I could tell you that Creativity isn't something that is given out from the Gods at birth to only a chosen few?

What if I told you that Creativity wasn't just frivolous fun, but that it can ease stress, boost happiness and even hold the keys to success!

What if I told you that YOU hold the keys to your creative genius. You just need to know how to untap it.

But don't quit your day job just yet.

This requires some straight-forward clear thinking and strategic planning.

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Mining Your current day job

There are two strands of thoughts here that I'll run by you, so stick with me for a minute.

First, lets look at your day job and consider all its wealth and riches -  before you throw in the towel and head to the nearest beach:

  1. Consider your day job a blessing (not a curse): for the very simple fact that 'right now' you are earning a much needed paycheck which will enable you to take the necessary time it takes to make a strategic plan.
  2. Plan your days well: because even though everyone has the same 24 hours, it's how you spend those precious hours that count. Finding ways to be more productive in less time, thereby frees up time for you to be creative and pursue your passions.
  3. Maximize your time and stop the busywork: Figure out what is the most important priorities in your life right now. Then you will make a strong to do list (Scrum & Sprint Planning). Tackle only that sprint you've scheduled and sooner than you think, you're making headway toward your ultimate goals and passions.
  4. See your job as motivation to get started: Understand that it is a gift (even if you have to commute 2 hours a day!). Yes, I know it's a drag, but in what other way can you utilize 2 hours per day focused on your investment - which is 10 hours extra per week! Listen to audio books (motivational, business, creative, inspirational), type out your manuscript or creative project outline, or your genius business or marketing plan and get those creative juices flowing. 
  5. Outsource and network with other 'like-minded' creatives: People inspire people and can motivate you to get out of your dead-end, rut-thinking mindset. Find others who are also passionate about pursuing creativity and you will soon find you your tribe. Sometimes it takes a village.


Once you put yourself in the right frame of mind to accept your 'current' circumstances and free up some extra time to be more imaginative and creative, then what?

Make A Plan

  • Make a playlist - what creative activities make you happiest? Once you figure that out, plot out time during the week in which you tackle a creative project - small or large. Slow and steady progress wins the race. It takes 21 days to create a habit you will stick to. Start today.
  • Create a personal vision - whether this is through a vision board, journaling, writing it down in a notebook, or typing it into your Evernote. You are making a dedicated expression of who you are, what your likes are, your loves, beliefs, and goals. Find a place to stick this up on a wall, or see it on your laptop daily. Reaffirmation can help you when life gets you down and remind you that you are actually creative and you just need to focus your energies toward your goals.
  • Tell your story - if you lack confidence, or don't have the resources, or feel you're not 'good enough'; by telling people what creative ideas you have or are planning, you are reaffirming your place in the creative heavens. Cast yourself in the 'Movie of Your Life' and play the hero. Imagine what it looks like to be writing, speaking, filming, acting, painting, or playing music for yourself or for others. Once you've defined your goals, find the courage to share them with others. Remember however, nobody can see the dream that's in your head. Therefore, it's your creative obligation to share it with the world. Having trouble getting started? See Give Confidence A Kick in the Head.
  • Uncover your best talents - the only way you are going to find out if you have a particular talent is to go forth and try. Yes, you might fail. Yes, you might be embarrassed, humiliated, shamed, or even laughed at. But you know what - you tried. And that my friend is more than 80% of the population out there who play it safe, living out their mediocre lives. People who are living in fear of the unknown because they were too scared to try. Who knows, maybe you just might uncover how brilliantly talented you are through luck, chance, experience. But you'll never know until you try.
  • Find your creative 'flow' - by becoming absorbed in a creative activity, suddenly all fear and the distractions of the outside world fade away. Find a safe place to explore your talents and creativity first, breath, envision success. Remember to play. Creativity is not about results, money or fame.


mind over matter.

do more with less time

By following these steps and integrating them into your current situation, I believe you will be closer to your goals and passions - whatever your pursuits.

But remember, you can't get there until you begin.


Make this year the year
you finally make your dreams
a reality.


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Your Profitable Social Media Roadmap will walk you through the first, but crucial steps towards making the BEST decision of your life to creating your own profitable creative online business.

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Jodi Nelson-Tabor


Creative consultant and key media strategist with global experience as academic researcher, lecturer and professional trainer/facilitator, in the areas of creative and professional development, digital innovation, creative enterprise and its impact on the creative economy.

A professional Creative Practitioner with over 20+ years of experience in film, tv and theatre from LA to NY, Brazil and London.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, I hold a Masters of Fine Arts in Acting from the prestigious California Institute of the Arts and a Bachelor of the Arts in Journalism and Public Relations from the University of Oklahoma.  My PhD is in Film and Media Studies from the University of Sussex in Brighton, England.

Actively involved in the education and arts communities, I also spend a significant amount of time mentoring fellow artists by giving time and expertise to organizations that support arts for social change.