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social media marketing

The concept of Social Media Marketing may sound easy, yet I still see clients going about it all in wasteful, inefficient ways.

Instead of sending mindless information out into the ether, I get to know who your audience is, the Social Platforms they use the most and the type of 'valuable content' and style of communication they respond to.

Social Media Marketing has relationship building at its core. That’s why I don’t bombard your ideal customers with pushy sales pitches or click-bait. Instead, the content engages as one human to another. Get to know them, build their trust and form alliances built on friendship and great conversation.

Then measure the results of our efforts using solid analytics and tangible data. This doesn't grab general figures out of thin air, but instead shows you specifically how well your campaigns are going.

Ultimately,  Social Media marketing is a constantly evolving process. As platforms grow, change and improve, we do too. But one thing that remains central is the importance of creating outstanding content, targeted communication, and engagement.

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Packages or bespoke strategy

The packages on offer are flexible and built around you. I'm happy to sit down with you or take a consultation over Skype and show you how to bring the right solution for your campaign.

BND|mand has the capacity, partnerships and infrastructure to support your campaign however large it may be.  Larger projects that are £250k or for enterprises are run as be-spoke campaigns.